Signals stop

Dear followers,

We would like to inform you that we are going to stop our signals in and at the end of January. In we will increase the price of the signal just to keep statistics.

From now on we will be focused on institutional and private projects.

Goodbye 2016…

2016 has been a good trading year. We had some important events (US presidential election, FED, ECB, Brexit…) where we have showed our portfolios behavior. The overall 2016 performance was:

Long Vision FX: +102.97%

Building Dreams FX: +59.79%

We want to wish you a happy and profitable 2017 and we will work for it.

USA Presidential Election

We have decided to keep trading in this special day: USA Presidential Election. There is no historical evidences of having worse results on those days (under our tests). Our philosophy is to trade in all market conditions. Despite this, we have taken some precautions such as reducing the risk and disabling some of our scalping strategies. Volatility was really high (for example USDJPY has moved almost 600 pips!).

The overall result is an equity similar to previous day.

New Evolution

After two months working in new algorithms we finally have a new evolution to both Long Vision Fx and Building Dreams Fx. Below you will find some of the new features:

  • We have balanced the weight of strategies.
  • We have changed strategies in order to reduce the estimated Drawdown: Long Vision to 15% and Building Dreams to 10%.
  • New reversal strategies added.

All those changes and others were added to improve the performance lowering Drawdowns.

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