New Evolution

After two months working in new algorithms we finally have a new evolution to both Long Vision Fx and Building Dreams Fx. Below you will find some of the new features:

  • We have balanced the weight of strategies.
  • We have changed strategies in order to reduce the estimated Drawdown: Long Vision to 15% and Building Dreams to 10%.
  • New reversal strategies added.

All those changes and others were added to improve the performance lowering Drawdowns.

Considerations about July Results

July has been a difficult month to trade. The first half of the month was still influenced by the Brexit results. Currencies were moving up and down widely (more than 200 pips during the day without a clear trend) and some of our strategies touched the SL (we always have SL on our trades).

The second half of the month, Long Vision recovered part of the losses but some rumors about Japanese Central Bank moved USDJPY strangely two days before of the BOJ statement.

Long Vision’s team knows that some people are worried about july results. We would like to remember that, even with july’s losses, Long Vision has a profit of +45% in 2016. We are not going to change our trading style. It’s time to keep calm and look foward to august.

Bad begining of July

After Brexit, some of our strategies in Long Vision has suffered loses. Major currencies are moving up and down without a clear trend.

If you are following Long Vision we recommend to be patient. It is normal to have drawdowns between 5-10%. We even encourage to increase positions on these periods.

Building Dreams is doing better in july.

Results of June 2016

The past month of june was a very strange month because our trading portfolios has being off during 10 days (because of Brexit).

LONG VISION FX had a +8.78%

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